TAMA Microcurrent Therapies

TAMA Microcurrent Therapies are non-surgical, chemical-free facials that improve muscle tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, heal acne, calm rosacea, and improve discoloration of the skin. An alternative to cosmetic surgery or injections, TAMA microcurrent therapies send low levels of electromagnetic waves into muscle fibers to reprogram and transform facial muscles.

Various TAMA therapies are available depending on client needs, and all offer best results when received in a series of treatments. Once a series is complete, less frequent maintenance treatments keep TAMA results and clients looking their best. At every session, clients leave rejuvenated and relaxed.

Come in and create a customized TAMA Microcurrent Therapy program that addresses your skincare concerns that also works with your lifestyle and fits within your budget. We can’t wait to show you what TAMA can do for you!